Me and my money - 2014-01-09-16-37

So I am the head of the government.  And all the money belongs to me.

So I give out money to those who ask me. 
Whatever you ask, I give,
Whether 10 or a million.

It’s up to you.
Ask what you will.

Spend on what you will.

Furnish your apartment,
Buy some land
Invest in some stocks or bonds
Go dancing in the hall

Buy shoes, buy food
Buy a TV or a fridge

There are so many things, I just can’t name it.

For those who didn’t get the reason:
When given freedom to spend, people will first buy the stuff they think they want… Then when they have that, they will covet no more… Then they’ll think again… What do I want, this time…?  And then they’ll buy again,.. And try that for a while, and then they’ll think, “What do I want, this time?”  And they’ll buy that… And be satisfied with that… Then after some time, they’ll think, “Now what do I want?”  And then they’ll get that… And then they’ll be so satisfied, the needs are met, and then all is peace all around.

Then they’ll get bored, and think, “I’ve got everything on the market.  If I need something, hey!  I’ll just have to look to myself, … So they’ll know everything on the market, and would have experimented well with everything, then they will set to build something that does really meet their needs…  And then they’ll be satisfied with that for a long, long time….

And then of course, if they need something else, they might do a market survey again, and try existing products, and if they’re satisfied, then well, because someone might have seen their product and developed on it, so they get to test out the innovations, and maybe contribute to that… which is contributing ultimately, back to themselves…

And incidentally, the economy has been revived in the process… The money flows around, once again…

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