My vision for India on 2014-01-09-08-16

My vision for India:

An India where the buffalo roam, and the cows are at home,
Where the streets are unpaved, and made of mud
Where there is some game…
Kabbadi, or Carroms, a little bit of Chess there too…

A land of Ayurveda and Shastras
A land of Indian fashions
The dhoti and the kurta
The skirt and the dupatta

The jewellery and the pageantry

The veena and the table
The sitar and the pagoda

The temple where the poor can spend all night

The guru and the shishya

Where one chooses one’s caste
And is not born into it

An India of everchanging hues
Here today, and gone tomorrow

A new India, every day

All that I wrote about above was what India was

But it is a new day, and who knows what to say?

Then here I say,
“Let us walk our land, from up to down
Around and around
And around again
Walk until we feel we’re done
And if possible, walk again

When we are at peace and the need is met
Then let us eat
And bless God for the good land that He gave us.

What do we eat?
Any herb with seed,
Any shrub with seed
Any tree with fruit with seed in it.
No creepers or climbers please…..

Those who go further and are pure non-vegetarian can have
Animals which both chew the cud and have cloven feet,
Both criteria, not just one

Anything in the waters that has fins and scales
Oh it is all a game
Easily seen criteria, that you can tell,
Just by looking, at the animal

And the birds…?
It seems to me that they can be any, just not scavengers
Define that please
Oh do it yourself
If you think a bird is a scavenger, don’t eat it…
If you think it eats fresh things, like worms that it hunts and kills
Then I suppose you can eat it…
Or maybe just don’t eat birds.

WE are humans, made in the image of God,
Hence we eat the best of all that is there

And the plants which have no seeds,
Well, those are for the animals….

Long live the moment!

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