Reward for good health

So there is a reward for good health – My government pays the entire health budget to the people.  They can use it as they please – either to buy good food and eat it, or to buy other food, and fall sick, and then spend their money on hospital bills…..

So the message is – stay in good health, go walking, go to a gym, if you fall sick, get some rest….  If you’re really sick, then go on a holiday…. To the Port of Spain, where there is rain on the plain, or to a hospital and lose your money there.  You could rather spend it on games of probability and chance, where you might win more, or at least get a thrill.

A holiday-incentive for people to go on a

A recreation incentive for people to spend on zoos, theatres and other places of recreation.

Or rather, a subsidy for places of recreation.  Or rather the lowering of taxes for places of recreation.

I don’t believe in loans.  If you don’t have money, try to earn some.  If you are just not able to live, maybe you need to look within and see if you are doing what you are inside …..

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