On the right to try marriage

In the beginning, God made the earth, the sky, the sun, separated the waters, did everything, created the infrastructure of the earth - I don't remember the exact order right now, but basically, he created the entire infrastructure needed.

Then He started creating moving things - plants, fish, birds, animals, and a whole variety of things.  So He created whatever He wanted, and that was His handiwork.

Then He was done creating His passion, and He decided to create a caretaker for what He had made.  So He made an image of Himself to subdue the earth and have dominion over it.  And He also commanded him to be fruitful and multiply.  After all, a being lives for some time, and then passes on.  There needs to be other beings to populate the earth at all times.  Whether plants, fish, birds, animals, or man......

So that is why Man was made - to subdue the earth and have dominion over it.

And God brought all the animals to him, and Adam named them all, but there was not found a helper meet for him.

So God caused him to fall into a sleep and took a rib and fashioned a being and brought her to Adam, and Adam called her a "woman" because she was created from "man".  And he named her Eve.

Jesus said, "Some do not marry because they are born that way, some because.....  (so many reasons) and some for the sake of the Kingdom of God.  Let him who is able to accept it, accept it."

So it behoves each of us to first see if we are able to live without marriage.  If we can, then we should, for the sake of the Kingdom of God within us.  If that is not ours to do, and if we are of the type to be "fruitful and  multiply", then we should do that.  If we are the type to pretend to procreate and use a condom then we should do that, though I don't understand that.  Why use a condom and then do it?  Why not just refrain from doing it?  Is somebody forcing you?

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