From me - Full disclosure - An election manifesto - Freedom of choice - Choose whatever you want to do

I am an independent candidate, with no affiliation whatsoever, to anything, any person, any organization, any government, any country.

I am absolutely non-aligned.

From me:

1.  Abundant electricity for any purpose....

2.  Agriculture:
     - The Labelling of foods:
          - The fertilisers used in the growth of the plant
               - Whether it is chemical
               - Whether it is natural or whatever it is...
          -  The pesticides used in the growth of the plant - whether it is chemical, natural, or anything else.  - Use whatever you want to use.  Just mention it on the packaging when you sell / give it.
     -  The nature of seeds used - Whether genetically modified, or whether wild or whether natural - each person has their own preference, and I would like to read about the history of the plant and fruits that I eat - Some people actually prefer genetically modified foods, and some people prefer natural, and some people prefer wild....
     -  Processing done to the plants: - whether milled, an what was removed - some people prefer milled grain, and some people prefer whole-grain.  It is important to offer both.
     -  The parts of the plant used - whether root, shoot, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, or the whole plant.
     - Prepared foods - A list of ingredients is necessary.   The exact amount is optional, but a list of the ingredients and the part of the plant is crucial.

3.  Clothing
     - Labelling of the type of fibre - some prefer cotton, some prefer jute, some prefer hemp, some prefer natural fur, some prefer artificial fur, some prefer nylon, some prefer polyester, some prefer spun,..... so many choices to be maintained.  Labelling, so that anyone can read what type of fibre they are contemplating on buying to wear.
     -  Advantages and disadvantages of the fibre - for example, cotton, jute, hemp, natural-fur and other natural fibres are bio-degradable, and clean for the environment, of course, that also depends on how they are processed - that also should be that one knows something about the fibre of the clothing they wish to purchase.                  Certain synthetic fibres, if caught in a fire, will melt on the skin, which is hazardous...  That too should be mentioned clearly - whether it is a fire hazard or not.

5.  The introduction of more PVC products - for the inner tubing of tyres, for the soles of shoes, for the paving of tennis courts  (of course, clay courts and grass courts should survive, where possible - the choice is important).  Some prefer rubber, and some prefer PVC.   The choice should be available.  Maybe even to pave roads.....

6.     The right to choice:
     - The right to choose something, pursue it, and if at some point one does not like it, the right to stop that course of action that one is engaged in, and to pursue something else.
     -  This can apply to anything - a course of education - maybe choose Biology because it sounds good and then discover that one does not wish to dissect rats.  Hence the choice to choose another course of education.
Maybe start Medicine and discover that one does not wish to dissect dead bodies, and the right to choose another course of study.  Or discover that one does not like blood, and then the right to pursue another course of action.
Or computers and then discover that one does not like the strain on one's eyes and hence pursue another course.
Or try one language in school, and discover that one has no aptitude for that, and then get a slip to go to another class of language, and maybe not cope with that either, and get a slip from there and finally find a language that one can study.
Or any other subject....

7.     The right to rest.  This should be built into the contract, just as there is a weekend every week, there should be a sabbatical after every 6 years, for the seventh year, or any other number of years.

8.    The right to pursue an education of one's own choice and aptitude, whether academics, music, dance, sports or anything else.

We needs representation at all levels, and in all areas of human endeavour.

Gifted children should be allowed to study something suited to them.  Academically poor children, autistic children, dyslexic children and so many otherwise labelled children are actually brilliant in  music, dance, sports, gardening or farming or some other area of endeavour.
Hence, the establishment of additional curriculum in school, to include subjects such as music, dance and sports and other SUPW (socially useful productive work), and to allow children to choose what they wish to do, according to natural aptitudes already present in them.
The establishment of schools for education in sports, music and dance, or the augmenting of already existing schools so that education can be pursued during daylight hours, instead of going for "special classes" after academic education, where the child may not have aptitude.

9.  The right to try marriage, and the right to divorce.  The right to not try marriage.

10.     The right to choose regarding one's own body:
-  The right to choose natural methods of healing.
-  The right to refuse any treatment since many people suffer more from the treatment than the disease.
-  The right to try a treatment, and the right to either continue or stop, based on personal preference.
-  The right to choose not to have an abortion.
-  The right to dress as one chooses - whether conservatively, or in any other way, depending on the mood of the moment, and the right to change any moment.
-  The right to eat what we wish.

11.  The right to smoke, or to eat fresh-tobacco-leaves as a salad, or to have a cigarette-smelling-perfume or deodrant, instead of having to smoke.

12.  The right to drink, and the right to abstain from drinking.  Also to have a whisky-smelling-perfume or deodorant, and similarly perfumes and deodorants of any drink, so that the aura is there, without having to actually drink it.

13.  The right to wear leather, natural fur and other bio-degradable and "breathing" skins of choice that are kind to the body and allow one to feel comfortable, even if we sweat in them.
Also the right to nylon or polyester or any other fabric, if one so wishes....

12.  A computer based on the Sixit form of bit-configuration, where a sixit is 6 bits, instead of a byte with 8 bits.

13.  The right to be allowed to excel at anything that one wishes, whether those around understand or not.  The right to be allowed to practice something in the manner of choice.  Each person is different.  One cannot be expected to conform to someone else's standard of mediocrity.

14.  The right to take leave of absence from any work every few minutes, hours, days, weeks, years and half-centuries, to rest and recuperate.

15.  A virtual-reality means of shopping and / or gaming, from the comfort of one's own room.

16.  The choice of registering any form of activity as a legal activity, whether currently considered legal or not.  The choice of not registering a company, whether considered legal or not.

17.  The right to pay or not pay taxes to those to whom it is due.

After all, one wishes to pay taxes to one's religious affiliation.

A payment to one's parents.

A payment to one's well-wishers, guides and gurus.

A standard rate of taxation to the government across all slabs, no matter how low or how high the earned amount is.  One has worked hard for the money, and to penalise one with higher taxes for more work is not fair.

Everyone to pay taxes, no matter how little they earn.

A standard rate of 10% to the government, irrespective of amount.  Of course, if one wishes to pay more, one is free to do so.....  The benefit of doing that?  Tax satisfaction.

Then there are all the royalty payments to be paid for the technology or words that one has used in business, music, dance or theatre, or sport.

Then there are employees to be paid.

There are charities to be paid.

There is recreation to be had.

There are admission fees to zoos, nature parks, museums, concerts, theatres, sports arenas, dance performances, skating rinks and other forms of re-creation.

There are fees for schools and places of learning and practice.

*  The right to pay employees an amount, without specifying that a certain percentage is meant for food or clothing or entertainment, and not to demand bills.  The employee is doing work, and should be paid a percentage of the amount they earn.

They should then be free to spend that amount in any way they wish.  Some spend on food, some spend on drink, some spend on perfume, some spend on gaming, some spend on recreation, some spend on zoos, some spend on themselves, some spend on their families, and some don't spend....

After all, they will spend on what optimizes themselves, and different people optimise themselves in different ways.  They should have the freedom to try any way they deem worth trying, and the right to discard that if they then so wish.  "Seek and you will find...."  The right to seek job satisfaction by optimising themselves for that particular endeavour.  Some might spend more on exercise equipment, some might spend more on food...  It is a fundamental right.

*  The right to use any form of currency that one deems proper - whether barter (trading one's goods for another's goods), paper money, coins, plastic cards - debit, credit, online-banking or cash-on-delivery.

**  The right not to institutionalize any form of labour.  For example, crafts-people might have their own trade secrets that they should be allowed to hold on to as long as they wish.

A set of standards can be established for the purpose of standardisation, but boutique-speciality should also be allowed to flourish.  Niche markets are very important.  They might need some time to develop, and one day, they may become the standard.  After all, fashions in clothing changes, so does the type of architecture, so has the food habits, and so has almost everything.

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