On how to take decisions now-a-days

Ah, the wonders of technology.

Just the other day, I was feeling bored, and I picked up my mobile phone.  “Which vehicle has 4 wheels?  A. Car  B. Bike”.  Oh my!  And a chance to win big…..  So I dialed the specified number and SMS-ed “A” to that number.  That’s what I thought….

Talking about SMS-s.  I remember the song-competition-shows that have a list of competitors.  And after one sings, there is banner on the base of the screen that says, “If you wish to vote for this person, please dial 123-123-1234(some number) and SMS “X” (some code that they define) to register your vote”. 
And people SMS in, in lakhs of numbers.
It’s a good day for the SMS people, because they get paid for their labour.
It’s a good day for the people, because they feel like their opinion matters.
It’s a good day for the person voted for, because they can feel the love….

Then there are game shows, where the audience has a punch-pad with 4 options (or more, or less), and they type in “A”, “B”, “C” or “D”….  Then the votes are tabled and that is the decision on the question that was asked.

There are surveys on almost anything these days.  “Who wore it better?”  “Do you smoke, do you drink, are you in-between?  Are you looking for an alternative?”  Strongly-agree, Agree, Neither-agree-nor-disagree, Disagree, Strongly-disagree.

Rate on a scale of 1 – 10.  1 for Most and 10 for least, or 1 for Least and 10 for most ....

So many things have been digitized.  Even the analog signal has been digitized.  If the value is between value1 and upto, but not including value2, then the representative value is ValueA.  If the value is between value2 and upto but not including value3, then the representative value is ValueB.

This apparently, is now extrapolated.  Any question in the world can get an answer, if you know how to frame the question, and digitize the options.

How are you feeling today?  Happy, sad, exuberant, glad …..   Okay that range is absolutely out-of-this-world…..

Apparently there is now a way to digitize the people’s voice ….  IT in democracy…….!!!!!

No more need for elections or representatives  (Oops, that might be a little far-fetched, after all, some people are good at being elected and being a representative.  I just got carried away....).  Any and every question can be tabled on a website (like it already is), a number or a link can be given, digitized options presented, and a time for voting, and every person who shows up and votes can have the feeling that he (wo”man” was made from a rib of man, so “he” means the missing rib too, so that is everybody) too matters. 

Of course, those who don’t wish to vote don’t have to.  That is their vote and option and the right to refuse to vote…..

We now have a “government” of the people, by the people and from the people, where everyone’s vote matters, or not, depending on whether they want it to matter or not.

Of course the granularity of the decision rests with those who frame the questions and digital-options.  The more the options, the more the granularity.  The less the options, the more the digitization.  See, here also there is a choice on how to frame the digital-options for a question that someone had a choice on framing….

Let’s photo-frame the decision, and hang it on our wall as a trophy…..

It's like Jesus said, "If two or three of you agree on earth concerning anything, I will do it for you in heaven".  Well, so it looks like only two or three are needed for a thing, but the more the merrier.....

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