More on education

There should be a variety in schools.  Some with basic amenities, some with medium amenities, and some with more amenities, and some with all the amenities they can think of.

It is not fair to expect a person just starting off in a job to pay the entire fee for his child to attend an all-amenities school.  Besides, he might not even appreciate all the amenities available.  He may be a roti-aur-kapda sort of person….

So it is important to have variety.  After all, there are so many different people.  Each needs to have something that meets their needs.

Standardisation is only for cases where there is to be interaction between systems.  The interface is defined so that each system can present it’s data in a manner that the other system understands.   What each system does within itself is internal to it, and the responsibility of that system.

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