Lightning harvesting by me .... ya, you can have some too....

Aim of the experiment - To harvest electricity from lightning.


- A remote-controlled ship

-  A rig with a lightning-attracting rod (extendable) fixed at the center of it.  The rod goes down into the sea.  When the rod is extended up, it attracts lightning to it, and then the lightning is channelled down into the water where the rod enters the water.

-  A net with electric-charge conducting conductors placed in it.  It should be a net so that the water can flow freely through it.  When the water gets charged from the lightning conducted down (because water is a good conductor), then some of the charge (depending on the capacity of the conductor) charges the conductor, and there should be insulated wires extending outward from the conductors so that the charge flows into that.  A bunch of wires can be taped together to form a bundled cable, insulated against water.  This then drops down to the sea-bed, where it lies and is rolled out till it reaches the nearest shore.

-  On the shore, there should be Pattern Recognition detectors that detect the incoming current-voltage specifications of the incoming charge and based on the Pattern (input-current, input-voltage), a switch should be thrown to route the charge to another set of switches.                                 Based on the required electricity specifications, another pattern is defined (required-current, required-voltage etc.), and the corresponding switch is thrown there.                              So then the incoming charge is routed there, and then that wire leads into a transformer or a device which transforms the incoming-charge into the required eleectricity specification.


One sets up the Pattern-Recognition-detectors-to-transmission-lines (PRDTTL) on the sea-shore.

One takes the  net with the electric-charge conducting conductors, and drapes is around the base of the rig, so that it trails in the water.

One connects the rig to the remote-controlled ship.

One monitors the weather to determine where the storm is.

One sends the remote-controlled ship into the storm, where the lightning hits it, is conducted down into the sea and then some of it is conducted via the electric-charge conducting conductors to the long-distrance transmission wires that they are bundled into and which fall down to the sea-bed and lie along it, all the way to the sea-shore.

One let's the switches on the PRDtTL work, and the electricity streams into the PRDs and on to the transmission-wires and it works like a dream.....

Result :

Voila!  Electricity!!!!!!!!

This electricity can then be transported via long-distance transmission cables to places of utilisation and need.....

Anyone in need .....?

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