My agriculture blog - Pesticides.

My agriculture blog - Pesticides.

Did ya use something freely available on the market?  Did ya have to hunt for it?  Is it your own concoction?  Did you find that if the plant is healthy, the pests automatically stay away, and to make the plants healthy, the best processing organization to make manure is the cow and the bull?  Who knows, there may be other animals who do a good job too.  Who knows, depending on your faith, if you use only organic products in your kitchen and bathroom, everything from there could be channeled to your open-air garden.                    Oh my!  The sewage problem is solved.                        

Maybe the stuff currently labelled "Pesticides" is actually needed for something else...........

What is a pesticide anyway?  Hmmm, seems to be a poison.  DDT - hmmmm.  Do we really need to kill anything?  We only end up spraying poison on the plants we need to eat to survive.  Oh my God!  Are we poisoning ourselves?  Well, I must say, some people do a really good job of it.                     Only thing is, the enjoyment of life is left wanting..............                 Anyone with a love of life, fun and enjoyment?                   Maybe it's one of those vicious cycle things.  Someone tried something, and enjoyed the burn so much they wanted to spread the cheer, so they encouraged others to do the same.                                Well, you know what Jesus said, "Love your neighbour as yourself".   If you love something, (even a good burn), chances are your neighbour will too......  And the neighbour is only the "Good Samaritan" people who really helped you out when you were lying wounded somewhere or when you were in need.                          God save us from those who come to try and get us out of our enjoyment of  whatever we are really, really enjoying, in the name of "helping" us out (of course, that's just their viewpoint.        Have they no respect for ours?  We are enjoying ourselves.  In the name of God, let us be.   I know, you're just jealous.  You want to know why and how we're enjoying something.  Well, you know what?  What I enjoy may not be what you enjoy.  So the chances are that the same thing will leave you cold........)  Okay, I'll tell you.  Look within, and do whatever You want to do, even if it is "helping" someone who'll curse you for it................    It's a battle of wills.  Who will get the most enjoyment out of the moment?                      

Well, you know what Jesus is reputed to have said, "If somebody hits you on one cheek, turn the other to him also".  (It's all in the "him" pronoun, because after all, a rib was taken from Adam, and then a being was made from it, and Adam called her woman.  So when I say "him", I mean the missing rib also.  So everyone's included).                  The point is actually, someone has a heavy load and they don't know what to do about it.  Then they see you doing something and they think, "Hey!  Maybe we can trade.  Maybe, since you have the art of enjoyment, you can do something with this heavy load I'm carrying.  Maybe it will be a blessing to you, instead of a curse to me...."  So they offer what they have (which is their help, and which is probably how they got that heavy load in the first place - they thought they could enjoy something that was someone else's and then they tried it, and discovered that what blooms in one man's garden does not bloom in another's, even theirs), and so they look for someone enjoying something and they think in their mind, "Are you the actual owner, I'm really sorry I took this from you, so I'm trying to return it to you, with a trespass-offering...".                                                  But of course, we are enjoying ourselves so much that we take no notice of them.  Then they try again.  A little harder and with a little more force....  Still we're not taking any notice............        Then they up the ante...   But no, we're still enjoying what we're doing...................   Finally they try, "In the name of God.....", but we already have God, and don't need anything else......   Then they really work it and they throw the whole thing at us and say .........   And then they really open their hand and give it to us with force.  That might wake us up.  Then we realise "Oh, it's just my words come back to me".  So then I turn the other cheek, and let them give it to me.................    (Thank you very much.......)

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