My electric car

So there is this car.  It has a base, and seats in it.  It has a steering-wheel connected to the front wheels via a rod.  So when the steering-wheel is turned, the rod moves either left or right, depending on the rotation, and then the front wheels move too, so that allows the steering of the car.  The back-wheels just follow along.  Reverse - ?  When the “reverse” option is moved to, either the front-wheels are the guidants, or there could be a connection to the back wheels.               Ya, best thing, have a grid connected to all four wheels.  Connect the steering-wheel to it.  Doesn’t matter if you go forward or backward, the steering-wheel is already set…..

Front – The wheels should turn forward.
Backward – The wheels should turn backward.

There should be a battery in the car.  A large battery.  Connected to an arch over the center of the car.  This is connected on each side to the left front-and-back and on the other side to the right front-and-back.

Electricity flows via the arch.  When the electricity flows in a particular direction, the wheels turn forward.  When the electricity flows in the opposite direction, the wheels turn backward.

The speed of revolution of the wheels is determined by the rate of the alternating current that flows …..

Voila!  An electric car…..!

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